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We are reopening at our new location on June 21, 2021, and offering both MAT and personal training! Please contact David with any questions.

True Motion Fitness began in 2009 as an association of the first Certified MAT Specialists in Northern California. Since then we have been fortunate to work with many wonderful practitioners and clients!

David RamsierDavid Ramsier, MAT Specialist and Personal Trainer
David holds a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science from Humboldt State University. He has been a personal trainer since 1998 and certified in MAT since 2008.
Call (707) 599-9066
Email david@truemotionfitness.com
Returning June 21, 2021!

Juliet O'BarrJuliet O’Barr, MAT Specialist
Juliet completed her Bachelors degree in Spanish Language and the Pre-Med Program at Humboldt State University. She has been certified in MAT since 2012.
Call (707) 407-5392
Email juliet@truemotionfitness.com
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